How Often Should You Clean Your Furniture? - Couch Cleaners New York City
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How Often Should You Clean Your Furniture?

How Often Should You Clean Your Furniture?

Keeping your furniture as attractive as the day you bought it is no easy task. Like everything else it takes a little time and effort and the more you pay attention to it the longer it will last.

Even though you may not use some pieces of furniture as much as others it still attracts dust and micro-organisms, may fade due to its location, or attained stains from pets or children. Soil builds in your furniture over time and one day you notice it and wonder why.

You can avoid this by having a maintenance routine of cleaning your furniture at least annually. It is not a fun job but a necessary one for the longevity of each piece. Most of us have our carpets done at least once a year, why not your furniture?

Like many jobs you can try and keep up with it yourself but your time is really more valuable and your expertise on what cleaning solutions to use is probably nil. That is where comes in. A reputable, affordable company working with trained professionals to help maintain your furniture.

You can help by vacuuming your furniture on a weekly basis throughout the year using the proper attachments. But for the deep cleaning you will want to rely on professionals.

If you don’t think your furniture is dirty, give it the soil test. Take a white towel and wrap it around the vacuum head and pick a spot on your sofa. Look at what was a white towel, then call and get a quote.

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